For our food handling industrial range, we can supply radially-crimped hose assemblies from 3/4" thru to 4".
Our end styles offered are :
BSM CIP modified female (flat face)
BSM CIP modified male (flat face)
BSM RJT female (ring joint type) utilising O-ring seal
BSM RJT male (ring joint type) utilising O-ring seal
BSM RJT NZ female (rebated to suit NZ sanitary gasket)
Triclamp sanitary clamp
Weld tube end (for bends, reducers, special fittings)
Sanitary camlock fittings(under development)
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We design radially crimped, stainless steel fittings using latest CAD software. Data is then transferred to our Mazak CNC machinery which rapidly produce consistent and high-quality components.
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We have the capability to crimp (swage) from 6mm to 150mm.
We are about to take delivery of large crimper to enable us to provide larger industrial hoses.
Any custom hose requirements can also be catered for with our design-to-construct ability.